Staying Married For The Children

There are advantages and disadvantages of staying in a bad marriage. Couples that stay in a bad marriage for the sake of the children later feel it may have been a big mistake and caused more damage that good to all those involved.   The negative impact that is usually caused by a bad marriage weighs heavy on both parents and children.

Actually staying in a bad marriage can be worse for the children than filing for divorce. The idea of keeping everyone together sounds great but a bad marriage that is negative and stressful will be almost impossible for the children since they have not developed the skills and knowledge to cope with the reality of their parents splitting up let alone trying to understand why.

Some negative consequences for the children of couples who stay in a bad marriage are but not limited to mental disorders (sometimes children believe they are the reason for the bad marriage in this case it may be wise to seek consulting for the child(children) and parents (yes Both parents)together), physical (while staying in a bad marriage a child(children) may not eat as well as they should, missing a meal or two a day due their parents being all wrapped up in all of the negativity and stress of the bad marriage). This alone could be a good reason to work out a clean break from a bad marriage.

Living in a bad marriage can get even more stressful when both couples agree that saving their marriage is differently impossible.
This is a rather sad situation that is made worse when couples decide to cohabit-ate for the sake of the children only to find more problems and resentment towards each other, neither one having the freedom to move on in life questioning their identities while all the time impacting the children with all the negatively that comes with it. (Heaven forbid if either one of the parents started to resent the children)

However there have been instances, where couples in a bad marriage have been able to work out their differences in such a way that they were able to move on living out their married lives together with some level of sanity and comfortably without ever filing for divorce.

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