Deciding If It’s Time to Let Go

Divorce is not something that should be contemplated lightly as there are a lot of major adjustments to be made both for the two people directly involved in the process and for all the other connective elements within the framework of the marriage such as children, assets, Family and friends.

Divorce Basics

Before contemplating your divorce options, both parties should ideally exhaust all other options to ensure the relationship is no longer savable, and only then should the idea of divorce is entertained. Even then divorce is not something that can be initiated easily as there are a few requirements that should be adhered to before such proceeding can take place.

The following are some of the elements that should be considered and understood as the basis of divorce:
Before most divorce proceedings can be initiated, most legal resources would rather have the couple show that they have exhausted all other means of trying to work things out with the intention of keeping the relationship intact. These would include sessions of counseling and maybe intervention to help the marriage get back on a positive track to keep the marriage from an actual divorce.

However is divorce inventible, then other elements such as the marital property and debts would have to be sorted out and agreed upon to avoid any possible hiccups during the divorce proceedings. Depending on the individual couple’s circumstances, these proceedings can be very easy or very difficult to facilitate.

If there are children in the equation, their well-being and other connective issues such as relocation, mental and physical changes to adapt to, would also need consideration and where the relevant adjustments would have to be seriously contemplated.


Abuse Should Never Be Acceptable.
In some cases divorce becomes the only recourse to seek, one of the main contributing factors that would call for such drastic measure would be the existence of abuse within the marriage. When there is any sign of abuse having to be endured and this is supported with relevant and indisputable evidence, then the Abused spouse should seek a safe place to stay and start the divorce proceedings ASAP.

However it should be noted that in almost all cases the onus would have to be on the individual in question to prove without any doubt, that there is some level of abuse currently having to be endured within existing marriage.
Abuse does not necessarily have to be physical, mental abuse is also considered to be just as destructive and its consequences difficult to live down or adjust too.
Physical abuse is easier to identify and support with very clear and proper evidence, however in comparison, mental abuse can be much harder to detect let alone substantiate with the relevant evidence needed for court proceedings to be engaged.

It is an argumentative point of contention as to where and how this abuse element can be tagged or defined unless the abuse takes on and shows very clear visible negative results. however if there are no clear visible evidence of the said abuse taking place, it is often and uphill battle to prove the existence of abuse within the relationship especially when both parties are unable to agree on the basis that constitute abuse.

This then leads to other issues such as how long and how far has the presence of the abuse impacted the marriage. Bottom line is the spouse that is being abused needs to document it from the onset (the first time it happens).


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